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Welcome to the BS-Free community

We named our community BS-Free because, as the name implies, we don’t want to deal with some of the bullshit present on many servers.  We don’t tolerate troll, bullies, racists, homophobes, player killers, thieves, etc.  These servers are for mature players that have some sense of civility.  By eliminating these types of players, we have grown into a healthy community of helpful players and admin that really enjoy interacting with each other.

We run several servers to provide as much diversity as we can manage with the hardware that we use.

Each server has its own custom mod loadout.  It is vital that you have all of the mods needed to join, and ONLY those mods.  The mod list for each server is listed on that servers dedicated page on this site.  We’ve also provided preset files which can be loaded into Arma’s Game Launcher.

We recommend not using A3 Launcher as it’s difficult to load some of the optional mods that we have available.

Please read the server rules thoroughly to prevent conflicts with admin and other players.  There are also many helpful sections in the rules about how to use some of the mod features.

We have a very active Discord server where you can hang out, get help, or use our voice channels.  Connect with us:

BS-Free Discord Link

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