Welcome to Exile REBORN

Exile REBORN is a unique map using a lot of custom code by JohnO.  There are many aspects of this map and player interactions that make it different from the vast majority of Exile servers.

Familiarize yourself with the following information to make your game more entertaining and make your survival more assured.

  • You will receive wages while you are logged in.  The amount will depend on your level.  These are deposited right to your inventory, so pay attention and make sure to get them into your locker when you can.
  • Traders are limited and spread out.  There are no safe zones, so always keep an eye out.


Stay healthy, stay strong


The “Health Scanner” app in the XM8 will show your current condition:

  • Health level
  • If you are wounded
  • If you have an infection
  • If you are dry
  • Your core temperature

Keep an eye on your overall health and treat these conditions as they appear.


You need to keep warm!  If you get too cold, your mobility will be decreased and you’ll start to lose health. There are a few things that you can do to help keep your body temperature up.

  • Wring out your clothes after exiting water or coming in from the rain (Scroll-wheel).
  • You can tie a dead animal to your belt to keep you warm (Scroll-wheel option while looking at dead animal).  This is the best way since the effect lasts a while. You can also tie the animal to your belt to transport it to a campfire in order to eat it.
  • You can build a fire and rest by it (Scroll-wheel option when near a campfire). You’ll regain health and reduce infection while resting by a toasty campfire.

To start a fire you need to craft a Campfire using Logs. If you have matches, just light the fire normally (Scroll-wheel option).  Alternatively, you can attempt to light the fire using ToiletPaper and a Flare.  This consumes the items and may, or may not, work.  Keep at it.


Infection is always a concern. The main cause of infection is zombie attacks, but rummaging through trash piles can be nasty also.  There are 2 ways of treating infection:

  • Consuming Vishpirin (craftable)
  • Resting by a lit campfire

Vishpirin can be crafted with Fresh Water, Seed-Astics, Energy Drink, and an Empty Can.

Use bandages to stop bleeding

Use the “Treat Wounds” app to clean wounds and heal or prevent infection. To clean wounds you will need Vishpirin and Fresh Water.


Dirty Water can be purified into Fresh Water at a Campfire if you have an Empty Can in your inventory.

A dead animal can be consumed if you place it near a burning campfire.  You may drop the animal from your belt (Scroll-wheel) if you’ve been using it to keep warm.

Berries can be scavenged from some bushes to provide food and hydration. Look for bushes with purple or lavender colored flowers.  These are, however, not your usual wild berries.  These will make you intoxicated and can impair your reactions.  Vishpirin will reduce the effects, so weigh the cost of starvation versus burning up valuable medicine.


Death is inevitable…


There are a lot of AI running around with one thing on their mind… you.  AI come in various forms:

  • Small groups roaming around looking for action.  If you keep out of sight they might miss you.
  • Headhunters that are looking for you, and you alone.
  • Paratroopers that will jump and attack on sight.  If you want to avoid them, keep out of sight.
  • AI in vehicles driving around looking for someone to shoot at.
  • There are AI patrol helicopters and drones that search for players.  If spotted, they will call in hit squads to take you out.
  • Keep an ear/eye out for radio chatter.  Sometimes you’ll get hints that you are not alone.

There are non-hostile AI as well.  SURVIVOR AI are on your side.  These guys are just like you – trying to survive in this hostile environment. If encountered, you can interact with them (Scroll-wheel).  You can ask (or bribe) them to join you.  If attacked, they will fight back.


Zombies act a little different on the Reborn server.  You can sneak by them and avoid detection by crouching.  Moving in a prone position will allow you to get closer to them before being detected.

Keep an eye out for hordes.  They are large and not that uncommon.

Radio Towers

There are radio towers and antennas scattered around the map.  If you are in possession of a laptop, you can approach one of these transmitters and hack into it to search for intel.  There is an XM8 app for this.  Upon completion, you’ll get a notification at the top-left of your screen either telling you that there was nothing to be learned or giving you coordinates to a downed heli mission.

After the hack, whether successful or not, AI may be dispatched to take you out.

You can only hack towers once every 10 minutes.


Scroll-wheel options are available for repairing most vehicles:

Vehicles are persistent on this map.  There the only vehicles that will de-spawn at restart are roaming AI vehicles.  Vehicles can be found all over the map in various states of disrepair.  Get them running again and they’re yours. If you find a vehicle that is not damaged, then it is either a vehicle that another player repaired, or it is an abandoned AI vehicle.  Keep in mind that unless you know the lock code, or pay to have it re-coded, your vehicles can “drive off” if not stored in your base or Virtual Garage.  If you see vehicles at another player’s base, then the usual BS-Free rules apply… leave it alone.

You can claim persistent (non-AI) vehicles if you are in possession of a Code Lock.  Enter the vehicle as the driver, then get out and use the scroll-wheel option “Claim Vehicle”.  You’ll be prompted to enter your PIN.  If the vehicle can be claimed, you’ll get a success message.  If it can’t be claimed, you’ll get that message as well.  You’ll lose the Code Lock if successfull.

Keep at least one full Fuel Canister on you so that you can refuel when needed.  You’ll need to fill these gas cans up and use them to refuel your vehicle manually.

 Land Vehicles:

  • “Repair body”
  • “Scavenge wheel”
  • “Repair wheel”
  • “Replace wheel”

To repair the vehicle body you need a TOOLBOX, WRENCH, JunkMetal, and some DuctTape.

To replace a wheel you need a TOOLBOX, WRENCH, and a Car Wheel.

If a wheel is not below 30% damage, you can repair it with Duct Tape.

You can scavenge wheels from vehicles if you have a TOOLBOX and a WRENCH.

Toolboxes, Wrenches, and Oil Canisters are not consumed and stay in your inventory.


  • “Minor repair”
  • “Full repair”

To FULLY repair the aircraft you need a TOOLBOX, WRENCH, OIL CANISTER, JunkMetal, MetalPole, MetalScrews, MetalWire, and some DuctTape.

To do a minor repair on an aircraft (20%) you need a TOOLBOX, WRENCH, JunkMetal, and some DuctTape.

Remember that planes and Ultra-Lights can be repositioned by rotating them left or right (Scroll-wheel).


The world is a dangerous place…

EVR Events

There will occasionally be EVR anomaly “storms” that are very dangerous.  Any of you fellow old-timers that played the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games will recognize them. There will be plenty of warnings.  Get to cover.  Being inside a building greatly reduces the damage that you’ll receive.   You’ve been warned.

Lightning Storms

These don’t need much explanation.  just know that they happen and they are just part of life on Esseker.

Trash Piles

Keep an eye out for large piles of trash.  These can be rummaged through (Scroll-wheel) to search for supplies.  Be careful though.  Dumpster diving is a good way to get an infection.