We have gone to great lengths to make this server as awesome as possible. This guide has a bunch of info including how to get the most out of the mods we’ve included… please read it. We gladly welcome constructive criticism and suggestions on what we can do to make the server even better.

A word about Admins…

  • ARMA is buggy. Everyone knows this, or should.
  • Exile is a VERY complex mod that adds to the bugs.
  • The mission and AI mods add even more bugs.
  • This has to be accepted as part of the game.

While the Admins are here to help, asking them to replace everything that goes missing gets annoying and prevents us from actually PLAYING the game.

Please limit the requests.


This is a PVE server. Player killing, looting, raiding, etc. is FORBIDDEN – with exceptions below.  This includes “friendly” killing between players.  If ANYONE is killing outside of a PVP zone, then it can give other players the wrong idea.

Don’t bother trying to find loopholes in the interpretation of these rules.  This isn’t a courtroom, we have final say as to whether you’re breaking them or not.  Just ask.

STEAL /stēl/
verb:  1. To take shit that isn’t yours.  2. A good way to get banned.

  • Don’t steal from other players.  If you are seen looking into another player’s vehicle or loot crate it’s safe to assume that you are stealing from it.  If a player is working on a mission yopu CANNOT loot the bodies or vehicles unless they give you permission. There is PLENTY of loot on this map – go get your own.
  • There are no random vehicle spawns on this map except on the Reborn server.  If you see a vehicle that isn’t from a mission that YOU completed, or from roaming AI that YOU killed, DON’T TOUCH IT!  We have logs of every sale by every player.  We have a ban list full of players that just HAD to sell shit that wasn’t theirs.  Stay off of that list.  It’s easy.  Just don’t take stuff that you didn’t earn.
  • If you are heard using racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other prejudiced language you will be BANNED!
  • If we catch you intentionally misspelling words in order to get by the filters you will be BANNED!
  • Don’t be a dick. Trolls and other forms of asshole are not welcome.
  • Use a bit of restraint if you get into a dispute with another player. It’s really easy to look like a childish bully in need of attention. We don’t have the time or patience for that shit.
  • We have VERY little patience for behavior that isn’t in line with these basic rules of civility. If you can’t act mature, go somewhere else.
  • Don’t park in the green/red zones on the map except in the PVP area. Vehicles left in trader zones are automatically unlocked at server restart.
  • Base Building – See the section of this guide on our rules for territories.
  • Heed the restart warnings!!  If you log out after the 3 min warning you are asking for trouble… lost gear, missing vehicles, player roll-back.  We have logs that show exactly what time you disconnected, so don’t bullshit us. The database needs time to update before a restart.  Log out before then.
  • We encourage cooperation. If you need help on a mission, need a ride, or just need info, ask. If someone else needs help, maybe you can be that guy?


Missions need to be claimed using the usual means:

  • Claim the mission in side-chat (blue) and place a visible marker with your name on it on the map.
  • Make sure that the marker shows up in the side-chat channel.
  • If multiple players claim the same mission, the mission belongs to the player that properly claimed it side-chat first.
  • Only one mission per group can be claimed at a time..
  • If you get hung up and can’t get to the mission, please announce that you are releasing the mission and delete your marker..
  • Certain missions may not appear on the map as markers.  If you run into one of these and want to clear it, place a marker on the map.
  • If you wander into a mission that someone else is doing, you might be mistaken for AI and accidentally shot. Keep an eye on the map and make your presence known first.


This is ArmA – shit happens.  There are 100 ways to lose a vehicle in the game.  Although it sucks to lose one, everybody does. We don’t have the time to replace every vehicle because of bad luck or bad judgment.  If your game crashes – that sucks, we’re sorry.  We work hard keeping the servers up and running and it’s better for everyone if we’re not bogged down replacing every vehicle that had a bad day. If you can’t afford to lose it – don’t buy it. That being said…
Vehicles destroyed by server errors will be replaced gladly but we require video proof of that error. SCREENSHOTS ARE NOT PROOF
It’s easy to record now with little performance loss.  Here are some options:

  • Nvidia ShadowPlay
  • Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved
  • Open Broadcast Software
  • MSI Afterburner



We encourage base building but ‘ask’ that you do so in a way that doesn’t impact other player’s game. That means not obstructing things like airstrips, gas stations, roads, military areas, high loot areas, etc. If you’re not sure, just ask an admin for clarification. If you build in an off-limits area, we might just delete it as soon as we find it.


  • Loot won’t spawn within the radius of a territory. That’s why we limit how close you can build to these areas.
  • No Building within 1,000m of trader zones.
  • .No building within 200m of the perimeter of any town, military area, or high loot area.
  • Don’t obstruct access to road, airstrips, gas stations, etc.
  • Keep your structures away from the edge of the road. A good point of reference is the distance that most of the little rock walls are on Altis and Malden.


As in all Exile servers, you need to pay protection money every 10 days at the Office Trader in order to keep your base intact. If you fail to pay the tabs owed your base will just disappear along with everything in it! You can see when your next payment is due in the TERRITORIES section of your XM8. The amount owed is calculated by the number of items built in that territory.


We have several mods installed on our server that will not auto-load with the A3Launcher.  These aren’t needed to join the server but they make the game experience way cooler.. assuming you like them.


Enhance your immersion with advanced targeting systems, navigation, situational awareness and instrumented flight capabilities.

  • HMDs Mod – Subscribe via STEAM – Helmet Mounted Displays for aircraft.
  • RHS HMDs – Subscribe via STEAM – Helmet Mounted Displays for RHS aircraft.


Allows you to rappel out of a heli to fast-rope into an area.  make sure that you have a pilot!  Subscribe via STEAM – Rappel from Helis!


Allows you to rappel Off of buildings and bridges.  Rappelling can be done without this mod installed, but you won’t get the sounds and annimations.  Subscribe via STEAM


Allows climbing through windows and over/onto objects.  Subscribe via Steam Workshop.  (See ‘HOW TO’ for setup)


Great sound FX and ambient sound mod  Subscribe on STEAM


Awesome explosion FX, especially at night.  Subscribe via Steam Workshop

How To…

A guide to the features of our Exile servers


  • With the vehicle you want to tow behind you, approach your vehicle and select ‘Deploy Tow Ropes’ from the scroll wheel list.
  • Walk the ropes over to the other vehicle and select ‘Attach Tow Ropes’.
  • You can tow up to 2 vehicles at a time.

NOTE! If multiple vehicles are attached you MUST sell them in reverse order (last one first) or you will lose some vehicles.

Other options:

  • ‘Drop Tow Ropes’ – If you want to drop them after you’ve picked them up
  • ‘Pick Up Tow Ropes’ – To un-tow a vehicle or pick them up off the ground
  • ‘Put Away Tow Ropes’ – So they aren’t dragging behind you

 TOWING with scroll-wheel option

  • With the vehicle you want to tow behind you, approach your vehicle and select the green ‘Tow (vehicle name)’ from the scroll wheel list.
  • When finished, approach the rear vehicle and select “Un-tow vehicle”.
  • Never use a non-persistent vehicle to tow another vehicle… sometimes the rear vehicle will disappear.

Both of these options can be used at the same time, but you have to be careful of the order in which you un-tow them.  Disconnect the rope tow first, then pull forward and un-tow the other vehicle.


  • While at your aircraft select ‘Deploy Cargo Ropes’.
  • If you have the mod installed you may see an option box on the upper-left of your screen asking how many sling positions you want to deploy.
  • Select ‘Pick Up Cargo Ropes’ then move to the cargo you want to sling load and select ‘Attach To Cargo Ropes’.
  • Get in your aircraft and fly away!

If you fly too fast you may lose your cargo. Keep an eye on it and you can land and pick it up again.

Some aircraft deploy multiple sets of ropes. You can use these additional ropes to sling additional cargo or attach them to the primary cargo to make it more secure. If slinging multiple vehicles be careful how you load them. If they are banging into each other they might explode. Lengthen or shorten one or more sets of ropes to keep that from happening

You can also:

  • ‘Drop Cargo Ropes’ – If you want to drop them after you’ve picked them up
  • ‘Retract Cargo Ropes’- To put them back in the aircraft
  • ‘Extend Cargo Ropes’ – To lengthen the ropes while flying
  • ‘Shorten Cargo Ropes’ – To make ropes shorter while flying
  • ‘Release Cargo’ – yeah..


  • Back your vehicle up to the cargo you want to load.
  • If the vehicle and cargo are compatible you’ll have an option in yellow to ‘Load cargo on (vehicle)’.
  • To unload cargo select ‘Unload cargo from (vehicle)’.

Underwater cargo from shipwrecks can be loaded onto SDVs (subs). Approach the crate ‘head on’ and you will get the option to load


  • Unload your cargo to the ground at the Waste Dump trader.
  • Approach the crate/box, select ‘Take (crate)’, and then select ‘Release (cargo)’
  • You can now sell this crate/box to the Waste Dump Trader as if it was a vehicle… Cha-ching!
  • Don’t leave empty crates laying around the dump. Either sell them or get rid of them.  The Admin can see who left the crate


  1.  Navigate to your keyboard controls customization (escape menu)
  2.  Scroll down on the ‘Show:’ menu to ‘Custom controls’
  3.  Choose a control slot that you want to use (anything other than 1-3) and assign a key binding to it
  4.  If you want to use Arma’s default ‘V’ key make sure to delete the existing key binding under ‘Infantry movement’
  5.  Back at the escape screen, select the ‘Enhanced Movement’ options on the lower-right of the screen
  6.  Click on ‘Keys’, then ‘Jump/Climb’
  7.  Assign the Custom Control slot that you set up above
  8.  Go climb some shit


  • You can store vehicles in your Virtual Garage via your XM8
  • You can only store and retrieve vehicles while in your territory.
  • To store a vehicle open Virtual Garage from your XM8. Choose “Store Vehicle” from the drop-down at the top-left.  Select the vehicle you want to store and give it a nickname. Click “STORE VEHICLE”.
  • To retrieve a vehicle, open Virtual Garage from your XM8. Choose “Retrievee Vehicle” from the drop-down at the top-left.  Select the vehicle you want to retrieve and click “RETRIEVE VEHICLE”.
  • Vehicles re-spawn where they were stored originally, so make sure that the area is clear.  We suggest having a dedicated spot to store and retrieve vehicles.
  • All inventory will be stored with the vehicle.
  • The number of vehicles that can be stored increases with each level of your territory.


Altis is a big map so we decided to make your life a bit easier

  • If you are a Bambi you can deploy a quad bike from your XM8
  • You can also deploy a regular bike at any time
  • You can pack the vehicles back up by selecting ‘Pack [vehicle]’ in the scroll-wheel action list.


Use the View Distance app in your XM8 to customize your view settings. The shorter your view distance the better your FPS will be but you might not see things you need to. Play with it.


Hangar: 40,000
Huge Container: 20,000
Land Container Green: 15,000
Land Container Sand Small: 13,500
Garbage Container: 8,500
Ammobox: 7,000
Cargo container Small: 6,500
Metalshed 4 Layers: 5,500
Metalshelf doublesided: 5,000
EBM Airhook: 5,000
Medikit: 5,000
Shelf 1: 4,000
Shelf: 3,000
Metalcase: 2,500
Tool Trolleys: 2,500
Woodenshelves: 2,000
Fridge: 2,000
Plasticcase: 2,000
Icebox: 1,500
Suitcase: 1,250
Tentdome: 1,000
Ammo Box: 750
Ammobox rounds: 750
Microwave: 200

Enabling the Dynamic Menu Icon set

To use the Dynamic Action Icon set you’ll need to bind Custom User key #5 to a keyboard key.  Mouse buttons will not work at this time..

Click on images to expand.

To access the Custom controls, open the configuration menu.  You can get there on either the main start screen or the in-game Esc. menu.

Select “SHOW: Custom controls” from the drop-down menu on the KEYBOARD tab. Click on “Use Action 5” and assign a key t0 it.  I use the Left CTRL key personally.  Click “OK” to exit and “OK” to accept changes and you’re all set.